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EYR is a system of fighting designed for use in Boxing, Kickboxing, and MMA; engineered by a coach who works professionally in all 3 sports.

EYR is the distillation of fighting techniques and the optimization of their training.

There is a strong emphasis placed on biomechanics, which ensures that selected techniques share a great deal of mechanical overlap, thereby increasing training efficiency. 

Because we fight with the 1 Bell Mindset, focus on explosive power, and Engage our Rage,

a near obsessive emphasis is placed on proper form and tight defense.  

1 BELL Philosophy

The bell rings, you win the fight. There is no need for a second bell.

To truly embrace the 1 Bell Mindset you must be brave, disciplined, dedicated, and extremely fit.

1 Bell is a gateway for mortals to learn to Engage their Rage.  

1 Bell is a mindset, an essence, a directive:

Finish your opponent as quickly, brutally, and decisively as possible. Make the referee work. It is the referee’s job to save your opponent from you. Give the judges a vacation. We hope they enjoy the show, but their services are not needed.

Even if you don’t win in the first round, you attack the milliseconds of each consecutive round with even greater ferocity, aggression, and pressure…and the ultimate objective of annihilating your opponent. 

Rage grows, time slows.

EYR Logo


"Engage Your Rage"
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