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meet the coach



Rage Ng

Owner of EYR Division

Founder / Head Coach / Striking Coach of The EYR Division


Licensed Professional Trainer by CSAC, California State Athletic Commission, in all three sports of MMA, Boxing, and Kickboxing


Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach for Elite fighters


Founder and Creator of NeoROMex - Functional Flexibility Training System


Educator / Presenter for several organizations in the area of Fitness

Master Level  Resistance Training Specialist / Instructor

     ~ (RTSm, Bio-mechanics Expert)


Former Corporate Director of Personal Training

     ~ Eastern Athletic Clubs, N.Y.C.


Retired Professional MMA Fighter




          My journey into martial arts began about as far away from martial arts as you can start.  As a child, I was raised as a pacifist, which (of course) made me easy prey for bullies.  So, the first thing I learned was how to take a punch.  My teenage rebellion was to finally hit back.  By being a target of violence I inadvertently developed a skill for Violence.  There were many fist fights and it got me suspended from school…this is when my parents apprehensively enrolled me in traditional martial arts.  The fist fights stopped, and the obsession began.


          After watching the first UFC, I knew that MMA was something I had to do.  I fought professional MMA during the “dark ages,” (it was illegal back then) from 1997-2001. We had  fewer rules, and no gloves.  In 2001, I shattered my eye-socket during training, and could no longer fight.  I had to get a real job.  I became the Corporate Director for a chain of gyms in NYC.  This afforded me the opportunity to expand my education, especially in the areas of biomechanics, exercise physiology, and exercise sciences.


         Shortly after I moved to Los Angeles, MMA became legal, and I became a coach.  I have worked as a Strength Coach for world champion boxers, and several other combat athletes.  I am a California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) Licensed Professional Trainer for Boxing, Kickboxing, and MMA.


        The culmination of my life experience, fight experience, education, and coaching experience, is EYR.


       “EYR” is an acronym for “Engage Your Rage.”  It is a distillation of fighting techniques and an optimization of their training. EYR is intended for use in combat sports.


  I build CHAMPIONS.

Let’s do this!


Owner / Head Coach

Striking Coach 

Executive Coordinator

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