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BEST SYSTEM for GAINING FLEXIBILITY and STRENGTH SIMULTANEOUSLY! - NeoROMex - An elite training system that increases Range of Motion without engaging in passive stretching or compromising strength. First part of the NeoROMex series, focusing on hip extension and hip flexion. “Thank you for your interest in the NeoROMex System. Put simply, NeoROMex stands for: (NEO) New (ROM) Range Of Motion (EX) Exercises. This is Volume 1: Lower Extremities. As you know, Passive Stretching has an adverse effect on Strength production. And is especially detrimental to explosive Strength and Power. Unlike traditional stretching routines, NeoROMex is intentionally designed to work with the nervous system, increasing both Strength and Flexibility simultaneously. It does this by utilizing three specialized exercise modalities, performed in a specific order. Additionally, the NeoROMex System activates motor units, resulting in increased coordination and stability. Therefore, NeoROMex is ideal for use as a warm-up or after your workout. And because it is Strength training, the system can be incorportated into your workout or can even stand alone as a workout in and of itself. Right now, we'll focus primarily on increasing Hip Extension and Hip Flexion. For our purposes, Hip Extension will movement of the femur in a posterior direction in the saggital plane. The angle represented here [see video] will be increasing. Hip Flexion will mean movement of the femur in an anterior direction in the saggital plane. The angle represented here [see video] will be decreasing. NeoROMex consists of 3 specialized exercise modalities. The 1st modality is Graded Intensity Isometrics. We call them: Triplets. Performed for 3 sets on each leg at 7 seconds per set. The 2nd modality is Multi-Axial Force Application. We call these: At the Knuckles. Performed for 7 repetitions at 2 sets per leg. And the 3rd modality is a combination of principles of the first two modalities. We call these: Wipers, as in windshield wipers. And they are done 7 repetitions per leg. Just remember 3s and 7s. [Rage] Let's begin. Now, today, I'm going to be doing most of the talking, but Taryn's going to be doing most of the work. Now the first thing I want you guys to do is find out where your current range of motion is. We're going to create a baseline to see what sort of Hip Flexion you have. So that, after you do the workout, you'll see an improvement. The way we're going to do this: You're going to lock your knee. You're going to lock your ankle. You're going to pull your toes back towards your shin. And then, you're going to lift your leg up slowly. And we're going to pretend Taryn is not as flexible as she is. Most people have about this much range; somewhere in between 45 and 90 degrees of Hip Flexion. What I need you to do is find where you can go, where you can stop and find a way to mark it. Maybe look at a point on the ceiling. Or your partner can mark it for you. Now, we're going to turn over. So, the first exercise modality, we call them Triplets. You bend the knee. Point the toe. And lift the knee straight up. The key thing I'd like to point out is that you want to keep the hips square and flat. You don't want them rocking back and forth. The first Triplet is simply the weight of the leg. The facilitator really doesn't have to do anything, except count 7 seconds. Other leg. Bend the knee, point the toe, keep the knee bent tight. Lift high and hold for 7 seconds... For the last and final Triplet, it's going to be 100% effort. Okay? So, you have to try hard! Hard! Hard! Here we go! Crush the hand! Lift! Find the end point; come down just a tiny bit. And 100% up! 7 seconds! As hard as you can! Go! Go! Go! Excellent! Same thing on the other leg...Beautiful!... And now, for the final exercise, we call them "Wipers", as in windshield wipers. The setup, again, fairly similar. Bend the knee. Point the toes. Lift the knee high. The facilitator now only acts as a point of reference. So, I'm not supporting any weight here. The subject rotates the leg all the way in. All the way out. Turning the shin into a windshield wiper. Now, all the way in, all the way out, that is one repetition. This is a lot harder than it looks...” #flexibilitytraining #stretching #MMA #boxing #kickboxing #1bell #combatsports #flexibility #stretching #rangeofmotion #strengthandconditioning #jiujitsu #danceflexibility #stretchinginjury Creators: Rage Ng and Taryn Wayne
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